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1Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, A.C., Tehran, Iran


Abstract: This paper presents a novel passive approach for islanding detection of wind turbines. Islanding is such a condition which the DG get disconnected from the utility because of disturbances in the network. Islanding can create many problems in power systems and existing standards thus do not permit the DGs to be utilized in island mode. Some of the major problems that can happen in island mode are: disruption in the protection network, over load conditions of DG, out of phase connection of DG to the network, decrement of the customer’s power quality, safety hazards for personnel, DG over loads and etc. The proposed method in this paper is based on the voltage signal that is measured in point of common coupling (PCC) and processing this voltage with mathematical morphology (MM). In comparison with other methods, this method is so fast. The simulations of this paper is based on Matlab/Simulink and the feasibility of the proposed technique is evaluated with that simulations. The results of the evaluation and comparison with other methods approves the feasible performance and higher speed of the proposed method.


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