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Niroo Research Institute


Nowadays, increasing energy efficiency is the economical and fastest way to generate electricity in the world. Therefore, the importance of energy saving has been considered for many years in Iran, but the allocation of subsidies to energy production sector has led to the lack of a logical and specific solution to reduce energy consumption and is still one of the main challenges in Iran's economy since paying insufficient attention to energy saving in all applications. Due to the climate of Iran, the use of evaporative coolers for cooling and air conditioning is very common in summer, but installed electromotors in these coolers are one of the high-consumption equipment in peak hours which the upgrade of them can have a significant impact on reducing the peak of energy consumption in the country. From this point of view, Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, as high-efficiency electromotor type, have been investigated for evaporative cooler application.
In this paper, the technology development procedure of these BLDC motors for evaporative coolers in the country is presented and at the end, the results of production of this type of electromotors by seven domestic companies and their operation these coolers are presented.