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An electric drive controller for AC microgrids with renewable energy sources is a system that controls the flow of electricity in an alternating current (AC) microgrid. The role of distributed generation in the electricity industry has been expanding in recent years. Distributed (DGs) are small, scalable units, generally with a capacity of less than 10 MW which can be connected to the grid, distribution feeders or customer levels. Nowadays, the high penetration of distributed resources in power systems is increasing. Since these units can play an important role in electricity markets and provide ancillary services for system operators, integrating these resources within power systems has been considered. Therefore, this paper focuses on modelling, designing and simulating a suitable controller to ensure AC microgrids stability and stable performance (AC M.G) in both grid-connected and islanded modes. Meanwhile, all simulations have been fulfilled in MATLAB environment. After designing the controllers and ensuring the performance of their frequency response using the bode diagram and the system step response, these controllers were used to command the voltage and current in real scenarios. After applying the controllers, the performance has dramatically improved in the voltage and current controller presence. As a result, the controller can be programmed to respond into changes in the energy supply and demand, adjusting the output of the green resources and managing energy storage systems within the microgrid. This allows the system to operate in a stable and sustainable manner, even when there are fluctuations in the energy supply or demand.


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