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1 Niroo research institute

2 Isfahan University of Technology


Due to the increasing non-linear loads in power systems and furthermore, the increase of loads sensitive to power quality pollution, power quality issues have become important. Power quality disturbances in general cause many problems for power systems. One of the most important problems is economic issues and costs imposed on the network. In this paper, the classification of the origin of power quality problems and the most important technical damages caused by power quality are addressed. Therefore, in this article the effect and distortions of power quality on losses and lives of equipment i.e. cables and overhead lines, power transformers, capacitor banks are formulated. Furthermore, the costs and damages caused by these disturbances on various equipment of power system have been investigated. In this regard, using the results of power quality measurement in Khizrabad (Yazd) Industrial Substation, the amount of damage to the system has been calculated in this pilot.


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